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How to decorate our home with flowers

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How to decorate our home with flowers
Issue Time:2016-12-16

How to decorate our home with flowers


               Today we will talk about how to decorate our home with flowers, such as how to make the flowers keep alive for a long time, how to preserve the flowers without the vase and so on.

            1.Cut the stems down about 1~2 cm, in 45 degree angle, that would increase the water absorption area of the stem, so that the flowers remain in a state of adequate water.


                2.Put the flowers in warm water after opened the bouquet, then put them in a vase with the cold water, in this way, the flowers will bloom completely.


               3.Add a little vodka and a teaspoon of sugar in the vase can last for one to two days!

               4.Succulent plants can be placed in the dessert bowl. Because of the small size of succulent plants, it looks cute and suitable when placed in the dessert bowl! Watering timely, they will grow well!

                 5.Put a copper coin in the vase, make the water more clear. The copper coin could reduce the development of the bacilli, so that the water looks clear and fresh.

                6.Use the cellulose tape to fix the flowers. Make a mesh with the cellulose tape, then put the flowers into the grid, avoid the flowers be out of order.

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